Text 28 Nov

Many of my posts are inspired at unearthly hours of the night or morning shall I say as I have recently noticed.  But anyway as I am drawing near to the end of my semester I have “shockingly” resulted in an overflow of research papers and a presentation all due a couple days a part. Yes, their is no doubt that I am overwhelmed, stressed and freaking out but in the calmest manner possible. But just before I was about to head to bed, a few words popped into my head, “enjoy the struggle”. Yes you heard me correctly, enjoy it and if not embrace it all. The days in your life are all important, each and everyone one of them. So I’m telling every student out there who procrastinates or whatever the matter to enjoy it. Learn from it, laugh about and be in it. That is all you can do anyway. One more thing, don’t forget to work your butt off. That is all. Goodnight to all fellow students around the world.


Photo 11 Nov Good afternoon. The day and the life of me.

Good afternoon. The day and the life of me.

Text 11 Sep This I Already Know.

I’m not thinking clearly-that I already know. What I can’t get over is why I can’t change it. Picture a girl in a grassy meadow running through the fields without a care in the world and taking every bit of sweet grass smell in and absorbing up the sun. Suddenly a twister emerges that whisks up the earth and takes out the sun. She holds onto the ends of the grass until it rips off. Now she’s franticly grabbing on to the dirt and tearing at it; fighting with the twister. She ends up just digging herself into this hole but only realizes this till she’s in the dark. There, that’s what I meant when I said I can’t change my thinking. It will be all great at times then suddenly pulls me down through thoughts I can’t fight off.

Text 8 Sep 8 notes My Heart To Yours

I thought about Corey Monteith tonight; only because my sister started watching glee. There was a scene with “Rachel” and “Fin” that I heard and they were singing ‘No Air’. I suddenly became overwhelmed with sadness and started crying, taking in his death and that it was real. It is the most heart breaking thing to happen in television history (for me); because glee was one of my favourite tv shows and one that also inspired me. I will miss him but I will always remember him. The glee cast and especially Lea Michele are in my prayers. So much heart ache and wondering, wondering why this happened to a great individual who just got out of rehab and was just getting back on his feet. I have always wondered why the world and universe works the way it does and why things like this happen. There is always one word, one question that pulsates in our minds…”why?”. I Hope Corey Monteith is resting in peace and still singing up there. I will always still be singing. <3 


Text 21 Aug Think about it! Seriously.

I was just thinking; when I’m old I don’t want to be looking back on my years remembering being on facebook, my phone or just generally on the computer; I want to make real memories and experiences! When you put it in that perspective you honestly stop and go “yeah why am I wasting my time on here again?” I’m so glad I wasn’t born into the social media generation. I mean there are positive things about the internet when you know how to use it but so many of us abuse it. Take note that moderation is key also. Which I must remind myself on a daily basis. Read a book friends! Educate yourself! 


Text 15 Aug Define Normal:

Normal, A word to distract us from our true self. A word that society puts out everywhere around us, physically it is shown in the “perfect body image”. Mentally we are swarmed by it through television ,media and even in some music. Normal will create the superficial, the arrogant, the secretly depressed. How about we stop caring about what others think and start living for ourselves and be influenced positively through great and smart people who indeed we’re themselves. Be you. Be incredible. Stop looking at other people and take a look at yourself.


Text 13 Aug 1 note Lying awake

I could not sleep, I just sat lying awake on my bed so I decided to lye awake on my deck to gaze up at the stars. There isn’t anything more beautiful then the universe itself and I will never get sick of looking at the stars. I think that’s what love should feel like. Looking at someone and falling in love all over again.


Text 12 Aug

It’s not about getting the right answers but simply asking the right questions.

Text 12 Aug

I’m in love with the idea of being in love.

Text 29 Jul No thanks.

Yesterday, I was greeted by to Mormons at the front door. Why didn’t I just avoid not answering the door? I have no idea. They knocked and then rang the door giving the infinitive that they had no luck with anyone else and were trying to be hopeful. Anyhow, I opened the door; just sticking my head out to greet them and they were like ” are you familiar with this book?” I thought they were holding the bible and I answered yes then quickly adjusted my answer when I read on it’s front ‘The Book of Mormon’ They then asked if they could come in and I answered to “sorry I’m house sitting ” thank god- no pun intended. They then asked if I would at least take the book and for some reason I said sure. Now I don’t know why I did this either-haha oh well. They then wrote their number inside. Cool. I closed the door and kind of laughed- did I really just do that. At this moment I am using the book as a coaster for my coffee; I guess it made out for some good use after all. Maybe I’ll use it as a fire starter after I’m done with it.


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